Our team likes to keep you on your toes! Step into our foyer and you just might be in for a surprise – you never know when the space will be transformed next. We never go too long without switching up the foyer design. Designers and Project Managers  get the opportunity to showcase their talent in the best seat of the house: the entrance, which is beaming with natural light from the gorgeous windows that extend around the front of our firm.

This time around, Matthew Brenner, Project Manager for Jay Jenkins and Interior Designer from Seattle, Washington, took on the task of revamping this high-traffic space.

Matthew’s original design included these four pieces of art that were soon purchased. Every piece of furniture and accessory is available for purchase to our clients; it’s almost as if our foyer is a mini showroom.

{After the pieces of art were purchased, they were replaced…along with the mirror so that the accessories complement one another to create a cohesive design}

{Close up view of the accessories displayed on the chest of drawers below the new mirror}

{To the left is a monochromatic wonderland of beige}

{Animal skin rug brings a luxe appeal to the foyer; often a topic of conversation from visitors}


{A few accessories displayed on these eye-catching, geometric tables to jazz up the space}

{This calming artwork is a breath of fresh air, hung on the wall that leads to the 2nd floor stairs}

Be on the lookout for new entries! You never know when we will showcase even more gorgeous items.