If there’s one thing that JBA prides itself on it is providing top-quality design and services from top-notch designers. Katherine Crosby, a Jenkins Baer Associate and a phenomenal interior designer, is no exception. She embodies all of what makes us reputable in our industry. Katherine has worked at the firm for eight and half years…and counting. She has been an enormous asset to the team, bringing warmth, talent, design expertise, and superb taste to the table. She would describe her style as having “classic interiors with modern touches”, and her clients couldn’t agree more. With all that is on her plate, her Project Managers, Sydney Hopkins & Kristina Kral, help make it all possible — and for that, Katherine constantly shows her appreciate.

Let’s take a look at a few of Crosby’s beautiful designs from this past year…

{Close-up of a master suite with bright tulips and  Zimmer + Rohde drapery}

{Custom bath vanity thanks to Lyndon Heath Cabinetry}

{A few blooms from a photo shoot at a client’s newly designed home}

{Day one of the Lake Roland installation…up next drapery and accents}

{Newly transformed living room with Vanguard and Bernhardt furniture}

{Botanical art and antique rugs in Katherine’s client’s downsized home}

{Guilford project’s fresh foyer with modern art and an embellished antique Louis Philippe mirror}

{Sunny breakfast room with chairs from Lee Industries and Woodbridge Furniture table}

Katherine is a huge asset to JBA. Her work reflects her passion and talent.