When you discover what ignites your passion, nothing should stand in the way of you pursuing it. Whether it’s your career, hobby, or community involvement, make effort to do what brings you joy. There’s no coincidence that Scott Pennington, JBA’s Installation Specialist and local Maryland artist, recently opened his first solo show at Maryland Art Place called Two-Minute Joys. By day, Scott is in and out of the office, going on site to install artwork and decorative pieces in clients’ homes. By night, he’s in his shop, working hours on end to create his own large-scale, sculptural pieces for his up-coming shows. Two-Minute Joys is a bright reflection of the time, effort and complexity of Scott’s work. At the opening reception, his show brought nostalgic joy to attending guests who reminisced about carnival rides at the state fair — the complimentary fresh popcorn certainly helped.

{Scott was delighted to see that a large group of his JBA coworkers attended the opening}

Beth Diem (left), Claire Ulman (right)

{He utilizes woodworking and construction techniques to create colorful, detailed works of art that engage varied audiences and invigorate public spaces}

{If you visit the gallery, expect to see blinking light bulbs, approximately 1200 of them, as well as sculptural structures that react to and integrate into the existing architecture and space}

{Scott’s work suggests a tangible, yet illusory reality that examines labor, consumer culture and the pursuit of simple pleasures and the construction of nostalgic human connections}

{The traveling carnival that came to his hometown every summer served as inspiration for his work}

{“The social space that the gathering of rides, games, and attractions creates is a comforting yet surreal landscape that seems to strike at our innermost desires to be transported from normality” – Scott Pennington}

{Pennington’s work has been featured in public arts festivals across the country. Notable exhibitions include Artscape in Baltimore, Maryland (2008, 2010 and 2014), The Scottsdale Arts Festival in Arizona (2013), Parking Day in Arlington, Virginia, as well as the inaugural Light City Baltimore (2016). He is a talented artists and an amazing coworker. We are lucky to have such gifted individuals at our firm, and we are always happy to support them with whatever brings them joy}

                                                   Show On View:  January 18 – March 10, 2018                                                    Tuesday – Saturday | Noon – 4PM

Maryland Art Place

218 West Saratoga Street
Baltimore, MD 21201