It’s quite common for people to freshen up and redecorate their homes seasonally to reflect nature’s miraculous transitions. It also helps us cleanse and recharge for what lies ahead; so why not do the same at your workplace? Oftentimes we spend a significant amount of time at work – sometimes more than in our own homes. So at JBA we believe that it is beneficial and exciting to decorate accordingly, and switch it up at the office. As we prepared for the Winter season and transitioned from the Fall, we made a few foyer refreshes along the way.

{JBA Associate, Elizabeth Reich, took on the foyer this season and added a few accessories to tie it all together}

{Owner and Designer, Jay Jenkins, arranges to have Scott Pennington, our Installation Specialist, hang wreathes every December. Even our neighbors look forward to it}

{The lovely Apique Mirror that centers two botanical framed pieces is a reflection of the festive decor}

{Atop the breakfast table beside the stunning cane chair are coffee table books that are perfect for displaying accessories}

{This past autumn, our fall-inspired foyer design made us want to sip on pumpkin spice lattes while wrapped in a cozy cashmere shawls}

{Warm browns and oranges made for a palette that complemented the changing leaves outside of our doors}

{At any time, our clients can decide to purchase items in our foyer. In that case, we have to replace them with new items on-the-fly, ensuring the foyer is still cohesive just as Matthew Brenner has done with this salon wall}

{The three pieces of egg artwork were nothing short of a conversation starter, adjacent to the previous art of the majestic bird, many asked which came first}

We enjoy witnessing the reactions of clients, vendors, contractors, delivery drivers, and neighbors a like when they pass or enter our foyer. Next spring we will have more in store. Until next time, have a wonderful New Year and don’t forget to recharge!