Jay Jenkins, the owner of Jenkins Baer Associates, built a team of multi-talented, passionate professionals who each play a key role in keeping the wheels turning during day-to-day functions in this ever-changing industry. We are a close-knit group, with diverse backgrounds and the same affinity for interiors.

{Elizabeth Reich and Katherine Crosby at the exquisite Aerin Showroom}

{Our team at the Sunnyfields Showroom}

{Beatrice, Jay’s french bulldog and the office’s boss lady}

We all have our quirks so stay tuned because things can get a little crazy as you get to know the key players of the dream team, including Beatrice, the French bulldog that runs things around here…when she isn’t napping of course. Check out posts from “JBA Spotlight” to get the scoop on each individual’s perspective – from the librarian to the bookkeeper. Stay tuned. There are surprises in store.